Services Provided

We aim to provide same day, compassionate and quality urgent care services for your pet. We see patients between the hours of 11am- 6:30pm Sunday – Thursday. Please be aware we quickly reach capacity on a daily basis. If you are concerned that your pet has medical condition, please call us to set up a visit. We see cases in the order they arrive (with an occasional exception) and try to accommodate walk-in clients. 

Our exam fee is $140 and we accept all major credit cards except care credit.  We provide comprehensive in-house diagnostics including Full blood chemistry, complete blood count, urinalysis, X-rays, brief ultrasound scans, skin/ear cytology, infectious disease screening and more! Most diagnostics performed have same day results. 

Our range of treatment options include – providing medications for pain, infection and gastrointestinal upset, decontamination from toxic substance ingestion, wound care including repairs, bandaging, treatment for dehydration and some surgical procedures. We also provide a comfortable and compassionate space for euthanasia. 

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